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Loyalty Points

ALLUDE & CO has decided to implement a Loyalty program known as “ALLUDE Rewards®” to reward its loyal customers in a manner determined by it. Customers can enroll to program by creating account in

The following terms & conditions govern the use of the ALLUDE Rewards® card. Every person obtaining this membership, understanding and accepting the terms and conditions set out herein and thus bound by all terms and conditions.

  • ALLUDE Rewards® points are awarded for goods actually purchased at and shall not be awarded to goods and services canceled or returned or exchanged.
  • 100 LKR purchase can earn 1 point of ALLUDE Rewards point.
  • ALLUDE Reward points expire each year 31st of December each year.
  • ALLUDE Rewards® points are not awarded retrospectively.
  • Members can redeem ALLUDE Rewards points only upon accumulating points in excess of 50 and maintaining a minimum balance of 50 points.
  • Users can redeem Rewards® points at by ALLUDE Rewards®* from time to time. Any ALLUDE Rewards® points not so redeemed by the stipulated time shall be deemed to have expired and shall be canceled.
  • ALLUDE Rewards® points are not transferable and shall not be pooled with any other member’s points.
  • ALLUDE Rewards® points are not convertible to cash.
  • The Users privileges and rights to enjoy the offers that are governed by the terms and conditions contained here and such other terms and conditions stipulated by ALLUDE & CO from time to time. Failure to comply with such terms and conditions shall result in the refusal of such offers by the participating establishments, and/or the cancellation of the card by ALLUDE & CO.
  • The points shall only be used in respect of offers by the participating establishments and in accordance with these terms and conditions.
  • The list of participating establishments and the offers available to a user may be revised from time to time by ALLUDE & CO as it deems fit.
  • ALLUDE Rewards® Programme and points are promoted and governed by ALLUDE & CO.