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Humble Beginnings

About “A L L U D E”

A L L U D E & CO. is a contemporary clothing brand that is inspired to design ‘urbane comfortable everyday  “linen wear”. We merely focus on producing our exclusive clothing from handpicked finest quality linen and cotton materials with soothing colours which are of course easy to wear and comfy. Also, our collections are always a ‘limited edition’, ensuring the purest form of exclusivity, understanding the voice of customers; not being much passionate about wearing common clothing lines. Our fine pieces of clothing are made 100% locally by a group of empowered women who drives themselves to achieve their day-to-day goals. A L L U D E as a brand, always believes in “Women Empowerment”; which is the right attitude and courage that drives one to achieve set goals”.

What was the biggest motive/support behind starting up ” A L L U D E” ?

Our co-founder is a marketer by profession and loves building brands. She firmly believes that consistency, delivering promises and quality is key to a brand’s success. Key motive was her talented mother who has been engaged in a small scale designer wear business platform. Since small days, she has been growing-up seeing quality outfits being designed by her mother. With the advanced technology and new business platforms being established in today’s context, our co-founder wanted to take her mother’s inspiration to the next level.

What is your biggest achievement when starting up ” A L L U D E”?

Biggest achievement in starting up the online designer wear store is, how fast the brand was accepted by the community. We were so delighted when messages started flowing in, thanking for the outfits & praising for the quality. This encouraged us to continue with our collections we’ve launched so far.

What are your inspirations and how does it apply with your work?

We are inspired by new challenges. We are a team of go-getters who believe that nothing is impossible. We always have the positive attitude and focus on each task in achieving our goals. Also, being around creative people inspires us to think innovatively and of course explore something new, everyday. We need fresh minds to draw our creativity, therein explore new spaces and, enjoying little achievements in life inspire us.  These few things, allow us to look at things in different perspectives and always drive ourselves to be focused and consistent. These are key areas to focus when building a good brand.

How well do you work with your other designers?

We are a set of open-minded individuals that respects each other’s ideas and work in collaboration. Fullest flexibility is given when working on a design and required free space is provided.

Tell me, how you organize, plan and prioritize your work?

We always do our designing 2 months prior, to ensure our supply operational plans are not disturbed, leaving multiple time for material collection, making blocks leading up to final production to have a new collection every month. Weekly objectives are set and are driven by our team leaders whilst daily achievements are always celebrated.

What are the best selling pieces from your collection and how do the clients accept that particular design into their day to day lifestyle?

It’s a combination of casual wear and evening wear, and of course our designs are well accepted by our clients; otherwise we wouldn’t have come this far within just less than a year.

Please describe your Brand/ the line of products?

Brand is all about “daily inspiration to be yourself & building self-confidence”. We are truly happy to see how Sri Lankan women are raising as entrepreneurs at a higher pace. We want women to wear what makes them comfortable, which elevates self-confidence and also strikes a little sophistication in our designs to give that edge of inspiration to be themselves in our outfits.

How has your work evolved since you began your own label?

Early stages were a little hectic with developing the brand proposition and business strategy whilst looking for potential young women to produce our clothes. We wanted to ensure we light-up our workforce of young women to get them to achieve their life goals whilst we achieve our business goals. Therein, we were particular in finding a work force with positive attitude that could do quality stitching. Now we have an established, young, self-driving work force that delivers on-time with quality results.

The pieces designed by you has become more appealing to people as a result how has it received international acceptance?

We are a young brand and is currently focusing on building our business locally. We of course have got plans to develop an export market with the brand success we gain.

Description of your personal style?

Brand says it all. A young self-driving marketer who loves to explore new challenges and build brands from scratch.

How long have you been a professional designer?

And what is your earliest design memory? As mentioned, co-founder is a marketer in profession. It is the mother’s inspiration and inherited creativity that worked in synergy to build A L L U D E & CO.

What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your work?

We are fascinated by the positive responses from our clients and it is a daily motivation for us to grow day-by-day.

What advice would you give to the upcoming young designers who are also willing to grow up as an entrepreneur in the industry?

Be open-minded, focus and commitment is all what you need to grow. Always refer matured designers and feel free to obtain their thoughts as well. Read and explore to identify opportunities and trends.

Any closing thoughts/ inspired quotes?

“Self- Confidence is everything. Focus and right attitude is what drives you. Get it Right, if you want to be whom you aspire to be”.

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